How to Have a Stressless Wedding

Don’t freak out, it’s going to be fine!

A lot of people, understandably, are beyond stressed for their wedding day. It’s easy to want everything to go perfectly. Between decorations and vendors, timelines, communication and ideas from your families and friends, and generally wanting everyone to have a blast, the stress can add up fast. But we’re here to tell you - it does not have to be that way!

Having an easy going, beautiful wedding is 100% doable. And having the right photographer can ease any remaining worries.

Before getting into wedding planning details, make sure you and your spouse-to-be have the same expectations. Talk about guest lists, money, who’s doing what, your wish lists, family roles, the whole shebang!

Knowing you’re focusing on a certain element - whether that’s an intimate, relaxed experience or a super fun party with everyone you know - will help guide your decisions. Now is also a good time to decide how much (and who!) you’d like to have your friends and family involved in decisions.

And before you know it, the Big Day is HERE!

Typically, our day starts when you’re giddy with your friends and family in the hotel room or bridal suite and goes all the way to into the night with a big ole' dance party. Whether you are sipping mimosa with your gals or you’re shotgunning the last bachelor beers with your bros, we love capturing those moments. So don’t worry about what robes to pick out or if the best man will wear the right socks. We thrive off of the real, candid, goofy moments that you can’t stage. And those are the ones that make the best memories!

Your wedding day is going to be a little bit hectic and a whole lot of exciting. It goes by in a flash! You should be focusing on why you are there, and enjoy being present. We’ll concentrate on everything else, making sure that funny dance your little brother does is forever immortalized in a photo above the fireplace.

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