Can-Do Giving Event 2017

You CAN make a difference! For each canned good given, receive $10 off any portrait session, commercial shoot, or wedding. Canned goods will be donated to local food pantries and others in need. Drop canned goods off at our studio in Bismarck.

For all of our wonderful clients in North Dakota outside of Bismarck, in Minnesota, in Colorado, and elsewhere, you can still give! Drop off canned goods at your local food pantry or shelter, take a fun selfie, and send to us to receive your discount!

Bismarck peeps still want in on the selfie fun?! Feel free to send a selfie if you make a trip to a local food pantry or shelter!

*Limited to a $30 discount per session, wedding, individual, or company but feel free to give more cans! Our giving event will end December 29th, 2017.

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