Editing and Retouching

We know how much work you put into your wedding and sessions, and how important it is that everything looks wonderful!

After the session, we hand-edit for toning, color correcting, and stylizing. All photos provided to you have been edited, and we do not share unedited photos with you.

We do any simple retouching, including flaws that should have been caught during the session (ie outlets, signs, background distractions, etc). Simple retouching is done at no cost to you. It is at the photographer's discretion and creative opinion.

Extensive retouching is something we're more than happy to do for you, and we typically save those conversations for after the full gallery has been delivered. We would hate to remove your favorite birthmark or change something you love! Any extensive retouching outside of the photographers' control (ie removing acne, glasses glare, wrinkles, uncontrolled background elements, etc) and/or more technical and complicated retouching (ie removing a person from a family photo, etc) may be requested and is billed at $80 per hour. If any extensive retouching is needed, 30 minutes to 2 hours is usually sufficient. Depending on the request, a few complimentary images with extensive retouching may be provided.

Overall, we capture moments and emotions as they are. Below are some examples of editing, simple retouching, and extensive retouching. Have other questions or want to chat more? Head to the Contact Page to get in touch!


Unedited photos are on the left side, edited on the right side.

Simple Retouching

Click through to see original edited photos and photos with simple retouching.

Extensive Retouching

Click through to see original edited photos and photos with extensive retouching.

We're more than happy to chat more about extensive retouching if needed! Just contact us to get the conversation started.