our journey together

When should I expect to hear from you? Reminder that our process doesn't really start together until a month before! (and then it’s go time!) Communication is always open - we’re here for ya! Shoot us a text or phone call at 701-250-2190, or an email to info@glasserimages.com and someone from our incredible team will get back to you. Note: we do respond as quickly as possible, usually within 1-2 business days.

  • After booking, our process is: Two to three months beforehand we send a questionnaire, so you can share ALL the details. Once that is completed, your itinerary is being custom-created. About one month beforehand, your itinerary is delivered and a creative consultation is setup with your team. Then THE BIG DAY is finally here! About one month after, we’ll send a sneak peak (photos only). And finally, three to five month afterwards, final photos and videos are delivered as soon as possible!


What’s your style? Can I request specific photos? We focus on real, raw moments of your day with a photojournalistic style. We do pose your wedding party and family for more formal images, but overall are not looking for your most perfect smile or a flawless-laying dress. We want to capture your laughter and tears and LOVE! Our team has a very similar style and approach, but if you’re envisioning a certain look, specific shots, or editing style, let us know and please share examples so we can chat more about how to create that vision together. (ie: email a link to a Pinterest board, examples from our website, etc).

Can I get help with posing? Yes! We are way more focused on the real moments of your day. If you’re having a great time with your loves, it will absolutely come through in your photos! That being said, we’ll help with prompts on how to make those moments more natural.

    Can I request my photographer? We’ll take care of you! We pair you with whom we think will work best with you based off of your initial conversations prior to booking, likes, dislikes, personalities, etc. If there are any photos or videos you’re loving on our website or social media, definitely let us know! Every creative on our team has the same style, feel, and approach to how they document. Each team member is hand-selected to ensure they're a great fit and match our brand. The final magic happens during the editing process! So, no matter who will be working with you, they will capture your wedding beautifully!
    How do I coordinate family photos during the wedding? We always recommend having a friend/personal attendant/cousin help gather family members. You’re not going to want to track down your chatty aunt on your wedding day, and we’ll be focused on you! Also, please do be clear about needing specific groupings since every family is unique!
    What happens if there’s a snowstorm or my photographer has an emergency? In 15+ years we’ve been in the business, we’ve never missed a wedding! We have back-up plans in place and will make sure we are absolutely there, come snowstorm or the stomach flu.
    What happens if I need to reschedule my wedding? You have options! We can reschedule (assuming we have that date available) with no extra fees. If you are fully canceling and not doing anything now and/or at a later date, we will provide you a credit for your full investment. Your deposit(s) are legally non-refundable.
    What’s included in video packages? All our wedding video packages include a highlight video of the best moments of your day, a ceremony video (entire ceremony, minimal editing for sound/color), and a speeches video (entire speeches, minimal editing for sound/color). Other videos like letter readings, first dances, well-wishes can be added-on at an additional cost of $225 per video.
    How many final images will I receive? We do our very best to be deliberate on what we share as your final photos! We’re focused on quality over quantity, and promise to share plenty of images of everything that’s captured! While we do have standards for our team and guidelines for what we usually include, we don’t like to give specific numbers. We won’t withhold any images from you and don’t cap that number to make sure you are getting a beautiful story from your day!

Timelines and itineraries

Do I need to create a timeline/itinerary for my day? You absolutely can, and we’d love to see it! We’ll use any timelines you have along with answers from your questionnaire to create a custom wedding itinerary to help your wedding day flow smoothly. And have no fear - we bring your itinerary to your big day so you won’t have to check the clock once!

When can I expect my final itinerary? We aim to have your itinerary to you about 2-4 weeks before your wedding date! Note: this is an estimation, and we’ll be waiting on your completed questionnaire and will be finalizing logistics and team needs on our end!

How many hours do I need? Can I add on time? No one wants a rushed wedding day. We’re here to help! How much time you need will depend on what you’re envisioning, your ceremony/reception location, and wedding party size. Time can be added right up until a few weeks prior. And if you were ever to downsize, we provide a credit for any unused time. You can read more about packages and coverage HERE!

Editing and delivery

Do you do retouching? After your session or wedding, we hand-edit for toning, color correcting, and stylizing. All photos provided to you have been edited, and we do not share unedited photos with you. We do any simple retouching, including flaws that should have been caught during the session (ie outlets, signs, background distractions, etc). Simple retouching is done at no cost to you and is done at the photographer's discretion and creative opinion.

Extensive retouching is something we're more than happy to do for you, and we typically save those conversations for after the full gallery has been delivered. We would hate to remove your favorite birthmark or change something you love! Any extensive retouching outside of the photographers' control (ie removing acne, glasses glare, wrinkles, uncontrolled background elements, etc) and/or more technical and complicated retouching (ie removing a person from a family photo, etc) may be requested and is billed at $80 per hour. If any extensive retouching is needed, 30 minutes to 2 hours is usually sufficient. Depending on the request, a few complimentary images with extensive retouching may be provided. See examples of what we can retouch HERE.

When can I expect my full wedding gallery? We aim to complete your full wedding gallery around 3 months after your wedding. However, this may take more or less time to be completed depending on the season. Our goal is to get your photos to you as soon as possible while not rushing to ensure quality.

When can I expect my videos to be completed? Editing is where the magic happens! For video, this means importing hours of footage, watching and listening to every clip, adjusting for audio clarity and coloring, selecting the best clips, and putting it all together. We aim to complete your wedding video by around 5 months after your wedding day. However, this may take more or less time to be completed depending on the season. Our goal is to get your video to you as soon as possible while not rushing to ensure quality. We can’t WAIT to show you!

What if I have additional requests or changes after seeing my photos/videos? We want you to look back on your wedding day with bliss, so do have a few options for changes after everything is delivered. Retouching and re-editing on a few favorite photos (or a few video clip changes) can be done at no extra cost. If further edits/changes are requested, we’d add additional editing to your package at an hourly rate. Depending on the request, additional videos can sometimes be added on at an additional cost, too.

Can I get RAW/unedited photo and video files? Due to artist integrity, we unfortunately do not provide RAW photo or video files to you. These files are actually very massive and are not able to even be opened (or shared!) without the proper software. We also believe that editing is half the magic! But never fear - we never hold back your cherished memories! If you feel we missed something, just reach out and we’re happy to double check for you.

Engagement Sessions

When do I schedule my engagement session? Since we don't know your schedule, your engagement session is not automatically booked. We typically book out 1-4 months (depending on the season!), so reach out to book sooner rather than later. Doing save the dates? We recommend sending those out about 8-9 months before your wedding. When booking, please remember that turnaround time is typically 2-4 weeks, depending on the season.

What should we bring? You can bring anything you’d like! We love any and all furry friends, champagne and glasses for a toast, coffee mugs for a cozy session, blankets for more coziness, or any signs you’d like to have photographed. If you’re curious about something specific, just ask!

Where should we go? We always ask you if you have any location preferences, and if you’d prefer nature or industrial locations. If you don’t have a preference, we can absolutely leave it up to your photographer! You will be receiving more details on meeting location the week or day of your session, depending on if they live in the area or not. You can always text or call us at 701-250-2190 with any questions.

What should we wear? The best thing to wear for your session is what you feel comfortable and good in! You don’t want to feel rigid wearing something that is too tight or just completely not you. Check out our Style Guide HERE for some ideas.

How long until I get my engagement photos back? Our turnaround time is typically around 2-4 weeks. However, this can vary slightly depending on the season. We can’t WAIT to show you!

We’re nervous! What do we do?! If you’re not used to taking photos, we totally understand feeling awkward. Just try to have fun! If you’re having a good time and feeling loose, that will come through in your photos. The good news - we’re here to help you feel comfortable behind the camera. Feel free to whisper inside jokes to each other, pop a bottle of champagne or bring any furry friends to make you feel at home. After all, we’re celebrating YOU!

Do I have to pay for travel? We never charge travel for sessions in Bismarck, Fargo, Minneapolis Metro, Sioux Falls, Colorado Springs, or Denver (and sometimes more cities - check with us!). If you’re outside of those areas, we try our very best to schedule sessions around when we’re in your area to avoid any travel charges. However, this sometimes does become tricky and we may logistically have to charge for mileage.

Albums, Printing, and Other Products

How do I design my Wedding Album? This process is not automatic, so contact us to get started! All albums are custom-designed after your photos are delivered. You'll pick out your favorites, chat about all the options (sizes, cover options, paper options, etc.) with our in-house designer, and we'll send you a proof before that's ordered and shipped to you.

I’ve got a guest book credit! How do I order that? This process is not automatic, so contact us to get started! You'll pick out your favorite engagement session photos, chat about all the options (sizes, cover options, paper options, etc.) with our in-house designer, and we'll send you a proof before that's ordered and shipped to you.

Do we have the rights/copyrights to our photos? Yes! We just ask that you do not re-edit or alter your photos. You have full permission to print your photos elsewhere and share them with your friends, family, your neighbor, your florist, etc. We would just do all the happy dances if you tagged us too!

What else do you offer? Albums, guest books, stationery, prints, canvases, metal and specialty prints, videography. Just ask!

When can I expect my USB (if included)? We aim to get your USB box to you after your photos have been delivered as soon as possible after your photos are complete.

How do I order prints? You can order prints and canvases through any of your online galleries and they’ll ship right to you! Just choose your photo and click “buy photo” in the top right. Call/text 701-250-2190 or email info@glasserimages.com if you’re having issues ordering photos!

Do you share my photos online or with other vendors? Our copyright means you get the rights to the photos AND we have permission to use them in marketing (online or in print), and share them with vendors/other couples.

Sometimes, your photographer may share a few images online from your day that don’t make it into your online gallery, just because they weren’t selected as an absolute favorite by your editor. If this happens, just reach out and we can figure out a good solution for you!

If you’d prefer us to keep your photos private, please let us know. We’ll need to add that to your contract and make sure our team is aware so those are not shared!