Honest Work

Talented creatives and passion projects are at the heart of what we do. The video team participated in the Dakota Film Dash and created the short film Honest Work in just over one week.

Videographer Nick wrote an article speaking on our team's experience shooting and editing the film and it was published on the Raindance blog! Check it out here!

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Written, cast, shot, and edited over 9 days for the Dakota Film Dash/Dakota Film Festival. Every team was assigned the same prop, line of dialogue, and character and each team was given their own genre.

Prop: Helmet

Line: How do you do my lady?

Character: Meghan the Publicist

Genre: Mystery

When hired to investigate if Meghan's boyfriend is cheating on her, this discount P.I. will stop at nothing to uncover the truth.


Film Poster

Did you know we do design work, too?! All graphics and posters are created in-house with our team.

Best Actor

Al was the winner for "Best Actor" at the screening event for the film!

All the awards were designed by local artists, with the award for best actor designed by Erica Thune. Check out the film below!


Full-length film

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