Proposal in the Park

When Isaac asked if we'd be able to meet him in the park one summer evening and hide out as he proposed, we said yes.

And then so did Katie.

Being able to capture the raw emotion of some of your most special days is truly what makes us love what we do. Engaged, or planning on proposing soon? Let's chat about photography!

  • Katie+Isaac AE-1.jpg
  • Katie+Isaac AE-3.jpg
  • Katie+Isaac AE-7.jpg
  • Katie+Isaac AE-10.jpg
  • Katie+Isaac AE-11.jpg
  • Katie+Isaac AE-12.jpg
  • Katie+Isaac AE-15.jpg
  • Katie+Isaac AE-16.jpg
  • Katie+Isaac AE-17.jpg
  • Katie+Isaac AE-20.jpg
  • Katie+Isaac AE-21.jpg
  • Katie+Isaac AE-25.jpg
  • Katie+Isaac AE-27.jpg
  • Katie+Isaac AE-31.jpg
  • Katie+Isaac AE-34.jpg
  • Katie+Isaac AE-32.jpg

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