Two Photographers are better than one

Do you really need to have a second photographer at your wedding?! We've photographed a lot of weddings in the last 14 years, and the answer is YES! All of our wedding photography packages include two photographers from our wildly-talented team.

Having two photographers will give you better photos and a smoother, stress-free experience during your wedding. Basically, a second photographer is a huge help to the main photographer for posing, gear, variety of photos, and making sure we have what we need to make your day (and your photos) amazing. But know that we can always work with you to customize a wedding package that fits you perfectly!

Why you need two photographers

Be in two places at once. We have yet to master being in two places at once, so if you want photos of everyone getting ready (at two different locations), you'll need two photographers. The same goes for photos of the reception while the wedding party is enjoying a quick post-ceremony drink!

Capture all the emotion. Two photographers means they're able to get your reaction when you first see your soon-to-be-spouse, and their reaction. You'll also want photos of you walking down the aisle, and reactions of your family, guests, and your love at the end of the aisle.

More is more! Variety, that is. While the main photographer is posing people and making sure to get wider shots of the whole story, the second photographer can get details, different angles, and candid moments happening throughout the day. Plus, moving around during the ceremony is often difficult, and two photographers means more angles and variety.

Go stress-free. While the main photographer works to make sure the couple and family members are posed well and lighting looks good, the second photographer can make sure no one's jacket is askew or your cousin isn't trying to hide behind everyone. And we always work to make sure the two photographers are a good match, so you have the best team capturing your day.


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