Courthouse Elopement

Larry and Travis were dating for 23 years when last December, they decided to elope. Their dear friend, a judge at the Colorado Supreme court, officiated their marriage on a rainy Thursday afternoon. Scroll to read on!

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Before the ceremony, Larry and Travis celebrated with six of their closest friends and family members at their home in Denver.

I was a fly on the wall as they laughed, teased, drank, and told stories.

Before they left, everybody partook in a shot. Cheers to a new chapter!

The limo arrived and everybody flooded in, ecstatic to head downtown.

The ceremony was brief, sweet, and oh so intimate.

Afterwards, everybody was given a tour of the Supreme Court, which was incredibly special as well as interesting. Larry and Travis had an unforgettable and unique celebration, full of love and adoration.

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