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Featured Senior Sessions

Let's chat



call or text 701-250-2190


  • 30 Minute Session: $200
  • 1 Hour Session: $380
  • 1.5 Hour Session: $570
  • 2 Hour Session: $680
  • 3 Hour Session: $840

In addition to the session, editing is included. After the session, we hand-edit for toning, color correcting, and stylizing. We also do any simple retouching. Any extensive retouching, such as removing acne, glasses glare, wrinkles, etc, may be requested and is billed at $80 per hour. If any extensive retouching is needed, 30 minutes to 1 hour is usually sufficient.

After editing, you will receive the images through a private online gallery for viewing your photos, playing a slideshow, downloading the digital files to your computer, and ordering products through our professional lab. The online gallery is also a great way to share your photos with family and friends!

So you can print your images, post on social media, and use your images how ever you'd like, we provide a copyright release. We also offer a variety of affordable prints and products as well as graphic design and printing for graduation announcements, open house invites, thank you cards, and more! Contact us for more info and to set up a product consultation.


Session times cannot be split into separate days but two or more sessions certainly may be booked.

Typically 1/2 down is due at the time of booking with the remaining balance due the day of the session. We also have 0% interest monthly payment plans available.

Since we like to focus on our seniors and their unique personalities during their session, parents can certainly stay behind so we can work our magic!