We are a passionate group of creatives who have spent years learning how to capture the truest moments of life. From the moment we meet you to the moment you hold an image in your hands, YOU are what's important to us. Capturing your emotions and personality in our work is what makes it all worth it.


Meet our talented and professional team! We also work with other talented photographers, videographers, designers, and other creative professionals on weddings, commercial shoots, and other projects as needed.


Jack Glasser


An entrepreneur, dreamer, realist, optimist, and lover of life, Jack Glasser is the founder, owner, and visionary of Glasser Images. Founded in 2005 with the taking of one senior graduation portrait, Glasser Images has grown and continues to grow into the future. This is driven by Jack’s passion for photography, creativity, and entrepreneurship as well as his vision for the company.

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Jace Schacher

Client Consultant

Jace is our anything and everything guy. And he will make anyone who comes through the door at the studio smile! From coordinating with clients to making sure everything looks picture perfect (pun intended) to utilizing his green thumb caring for and spritzing the studio moss, he can do it all. When he's not being superman of the studio, he loves to travel, sip coffee, and soak up as much culture and sunshine outside as possible.

Liz JS-40.jpg

Liz Tomek

Project Manager and Client Consultant

Liz is an avid traveller who has tapped her toes on 11 foreign countries. She has passion for life, fun family, and food (especially breakfast foods) that radiates in her excited personality. Liz is a hard worker who takes pride in her experiences and accomplishments. Whether she's sharing her endless stories, silly jokes, or vast knowledge of "The Lord of the Rings", Liz is happiest around people and always looking forward to her next adventure.

Sierra Hall.jpg

Sierra Hall

Client Consultant and Accountant

Sierra has a keen eye for modern style. She can often be found wearing a killer lipstick and a new pair of Birkenstocks. (Honestly...the addiction is real!) You can always count on Sierra for a sarcastic comment or facetious eye roll. (In the best of ways!) In her everyday life, she enjoys staying active, being with family, and staying up to date on current events.

Rachel JS-16.jpg

Rachel Jones

Client Consultant

Rachel is a craft-enthusiast and frequent snacker. As an avid list maker, she ensures things stay on track (with an extra bit of fun). Camping, sewing, and brunching with her sooo tall husband are always in her to-do's, although you can find her almost anywhere that good coffee is sold!

McLauryn LC-14.jpg

McLauryn Alexander

Client Consultant

McLauryn is a businesswoman, wife, and mother of two handsome boys. Her passion is helping others, making a difference, and conquering anything she sets out to achieve. When she’s not chasing after her wild boys (husband included), you’ll usually find her laughing with friends, enjoying a good romance novel, or finishing a jigsaw puzzle. “To laugh often and much; to win the respect of intelligent people and the affection of children; …to know even one life has breathed easier because you have lived. This is to have succeeded.” -Ralph Waldo Emerson

Allison JS-40.jpg

Allison Grenz

Studio Coordinator and Product Consultant

Allison developed a love for the arts as a teenager when she received her first Canon AE1 and from there her passion was born. After obtaining her Bachelor’s Degree in Fine Art, her interests shifted to Graphic Design, and it’s been true love ever since. Working in photo labs across the country has given Allison years of experience in photo products, design, layout, press production, and sales. Life’s experiences have given her passion, fresh ideas, and creative concepts that she is excited to bring to Glasser Images. She enjoys spending time with her husband and young daughter. She loves sunshine-filled days, coffee with LOTS of cream and sugar, and cuddle time with cats (all the cats)!

Kevin SS-4 2018.jpg

Kevin Fedde

Photographer, Videographer, and Creative Liaison

Kevin has a love for adventure. From growing up hiking, camping, and photographing in the mountains of Colorado to now returning to do commercial, portrait, and wedding photography and video with Glasser Images in Colorado (and North Dakota when needed!), he loves capturing photos as well as videos of adventures. Whether your adventure is walking down the aisle or snowboarding down a mountain, Kevin wants to be there!

Heath 2017-63.jpg

Heather Franca


Heather is the mom to a very sweet & sassy little girl, and loves all the adventures that being a mom entails! She enjoys anything outdoors. And if you catch her in front of the tv, she's probably watching The Office. (Which she can probably quote word for word!) She knows how fleeting the moments of childhood can be, and especially loves capturing those sweet babies when they are just days old.

Sabrina 2019 crop.jpg

Sabrina Shey


Sabrina is an eclectic photographer whose passions include extreme organizing, furry friends (inquire for pictures of the cutest cat ever), and hot chocolate. After picking up a camera in high school, she realized that photography was the only thing she ever wanted to do. Finding beauty in everyday things and people, she wanted to show the world what she saw through her lens. After graduating from art school in Savannah, Georgia, she hit the road and decided that North Dakota was the place to be!

Alexis LCAE-1.jpg

Alexis Eberle

Photographer and Designer

Alexis has an eye for detail and drive for perfection whether she’s behind a camera or in front of the computer. She loves being creative and seeing the beauty in everyday! Some of her likes include cats, coffee, art, long naps, and also cats.

Jen Kluting HS CPi-18.jpg

Jenna Kluting

Photographer and Designer

While Jenna was earning her marketing degree at the University of Mary, she quickly learned that her heart belongs to photography and design. She loves bringing aspects of design and an attention to detail into each of the photos she takes. Her photos are a lot like her - relaxed, fun, and a little quirky (with the perfect amount of seriousness). When she isn’t taking pictures, Jenna spends her time with her friends, family, and husband, designing for Bismarck Magazine, or binge-watching Netflix (when she finds time!).

Joe AS-75.jpg

Joe Greening


Joe picked up a video camera and filmed his first movie at the age of nine and he was hooked! If he wasn't on some sports team, he was making movies with friends. This led him to pursue a film degree from MSUM. Professionally, Joe has done commercial work for companies in Minneapolis and California, and has also enjoyed capturing those special life moments from graduation ceremonies to weddings. He has a great eye behind the lens and takes pride in his attention to detail.

Connor JBAE-4.jpg

Connor Picard


The art of expression, a diverse love for all things music, and his charismatic personality drew Connor into the world of photography. In between photo shoots, perfecting Pinterest-worthy meals, and attending live music shows, Connor takes care of a tiny tree frog named Olive. He continually seeks a unique perspective in every photo he creates.


Matthew Shey

Photographer and Videographer

Matthew is a nature loving, free spirit from Savannah, Georgia. The old winding oak trees and beauty of his home brought him an appreciation for the little things and a view of the world through rose colored glasses. Matthew, who is an adventurer and explorer at heart, moved to Bismarck in 2016 with his two best friends…his wife, Sabrina, and his cat, Juno. He loves coffee, yummy food, going to concerts, and 80’s music. His ability to extract and expose the emotion in any situation makes him a unique photographer and videographer that will make you feel as if you are his best friends within ten minutes of meeting.

Nick SS-10.jpg

Nick Biewer


From an early age, Nick loved creating stories. Whether he was playing in the sandbox or drawing in a notebook, Nick’s imagination was always taking him some place new. After pursing a degree in creative writing for a short time, he discovered his passion for filmmaking and never looked back. He’s explored much of the United States as both a photojournalist and videographer, and now realizes the best stories don’t necessarily come from far away lands, but from somewhere close to the heart. Nick’s insatiable desire for the creative process continues to inspire him to be his best self, both behind the camera and as a person.


Adrian Muñoz


Adrian is from a small town in the Black Hills, South Dakota. He enjoys fishing, hiking, and exploring the hills. He loves traveling and hanging out with his fiancé and two Aussies. You might find him at a local brewery drinking craft beer with his friends or dining wherever there is a good burger. His favorite part of photography is capturing a special moment in time that can always be looked back on.

Al AE-1 cropped.jpg

Al Shirado


Capturing the real, genuine moments of life is why Al loves being a photographer. He holds the small and candid bits with the highest regard, learning photography from his mother all through home-school and into high school. When not behind a camera, Al plays guitar in five different bands, touring the midwest with good friends. His life-long goal is to live in a van one day; but for now, he’s happy to explore the vast prairies and soak it all up.

Dillan AE-17.jpg

Dillan Schmiedt


Dillan started making movies with action figures when he was 10 and kept making movies with friends for fun all the way through high school. He was a self-proclaimed theater nerd for most of the time growing up, which helped him meet actors who would be cast in films. Dillan graduated from MSUM with a degree in Film Production Degree. Personally, he's worked on all sorts of videos ranging from events and interviews videos to TV and YouTube ads. Dillan loves to capture and create beautiful wedding videos for couples ever since he filmed his best friend's wedding in high school.

Micki Dykshoorn.jpg

Micki Dykshoorn

Photo Editor and Associate Photographer

Micki is the mom of two very sweet, very cute, very blonde little boys and is happily married to the love of her life. She enjoys spending time with family and friends, listening to music, and binging on Netflix. She loves being part of the process of bringing people joy through photography.

Linnea AE-12.jpg

Linnea Meyer


As a native of Dickinson, ND, Linnea has spent most her life in her home state of North Dakota. After graduating from NDSU, she settled down in Bismarck and has really grown to love the community and its people. Linnea has loved photography ever since she picked up her first point and shoot camera when she was only 14 years old. This love was solidified when she got to try out her friend’s DSLR and saw how beautiful and artistic professional photography could truly be. When Linnea isn’t behind the camera, she is enjoying time with her close friends and family, traveling the world, trying new food and drinks, or seeking adventure wherever it can be found.


Chad Parent


Years ago, an editor at a student newspaper told a young staff writer (hint: we’re talking about Chad) to grab a camera and get some art. Chad has been covering life with a camera ever since. Chad joined Glasser Images to tell your story and make it look good. When not covering your life, Chad is loving his, which includes 3 crazy kids, 2 rescue mutts, and 1 amazing partner that makes life worth living. Oh, and a hoppy IPA, too!

AlexisHess JS-19.jpg

Alexis Hess


Alexis developed a love for photography at a young age and has always enjoyed letting her creative side flow. Aside from being a mama to her three kids, photography comes in as a strong second most rewarding job. She can't think of anything more special than capturing moments for people that they will cherish forever. During sessions and before weddings, she loves getting to know every client and making it a personal and comfortable experience.


Jessica Wilson


To Jessica, photography is the best thing ever (...along with her husband, Brady, and wonderfully cuddly fur babies!). Jessica began playing make-believe with her camera at the age of 14. Now, with her camera in one hand, and a Chai tea in the other, Jessica can’t wait to capture your memories.

Brandon Eckroth.jpg

Brandon Eckroth


Brandon has been all over the world, capturing images in some of its most unique locations, but his heart is in the midwest. He grew up in Bismarck, North Dakota and now resides in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Besides photography Brandon is an avid runner and an even more avid coffee drinker. You can either find him out along the Mississippi River trails or in one of Minneapolis' many cafes.


Rachel Graham


Rachel is a Southern girl through-and-through, living the majority of her life on Florida's Gulf Coast, and spending much of her free time with family in Alabama. She is a creative at heart, loving any way to express herself. Singing and acting is where it began, even majoring in theatre in college…and while she still loves those things, Photography is her true passion now. She thinks having family and love are the most important things you can have in this life. Photography is one true way to capture that and hold onto those memories forever. She considers herself a big-time "foodie", loves her 2 cats, Disney, bright colors, traveling, and Alabama football.

nikayla SS-10.jpg

Nikayla Bautista


Nikayla enjoys all forms of art and grew up with a life saturated in creativity. In 2017, Nikayla received her Bachelor of Fine Arts from Minnesota State University Moorhead with an emphasis in photography, and she has loved implementing what was learned into her work. Nikayla recently married the love of her life, and wedding photography has become a quick favorite over the past few years. She is astonished by the little things, intimate moments, and candid shots. She just loves seeing people in love! Nikayla enjoys other mediums of art including playing the piano, singing, and being involved in her faith and youth ministries. She just recently moved to St. Paul, MN and is loving it to pieces.

Laura SS-25.jpg

Laura Cramer


Since Laura’s dream of becoming Joanna Gaines or a Disney princess didn’t work out, she decided to look into more realistic career paths. Ever since her senior year of high school, she has loved learning about photography and everything that comes with it. Getting to capture special moments in people's lives is such a blessing! In her free time, you can find her playing volleyball, practicing calligraphy, or watching Friends for the 100th time.


Lacie Weisz


Five years ago, Lacie shot her first wedding and she was simply hooked. When she's not taking photos of stunning brides, elegant flowers and dashing grooms, you can find Lacie curled up reading, bingeing Netflix, or adventuring around the world with her camera in hand. If you need a new show to watch, just ask! The only thing Lacie loves more than wedding photography is taking photos of her cute doggo, CeCe.

Morgan LC-12.jpg

Morgen Hagerott


"How tall are you?" is a question Morgen's been asked hundreds of times. At 6'6" Morgen truly sees things at a different angle allowing him to capture shots usually attainable only by drone. From his love of singing, motorcycles, and cooking he's sure to spark your unique personality in his photos. Morgen's passion for photographing couples' special day is clear through his attention to detail and ability to capture genuine emotion.

Kacey AH-6.jpg

Kacey Wyrick


Kacey is from a small town in Montana, where her passion for photography grew throughout high school. Since then, she's since earned a degree in Photographic Communications and moved to Minneapolis, MN to pursue her dream. Capturing moments of love and laugher for others, while creating a real connection built on trust is what fuels her! Kacey's passion goes far beyond just a photograph. She believes that emotion frozen in time should forever be cherished. When she's not working, you can find her with her husband and two dogs watching Netflix, or out and about with friends.


Teegan Olson


Born and raised in Minot, North Dakota, Teegan has always had a love for the outdoors. During his time at the University of Mary, Teegan’s love for the outdoors developed into a passion for photographing small, but meaningful, moments in nature and in life. Teegan's favorite part of the creative process is capturing genuine moments, making him partial to candids. When he’s not engrossed in photography, Teegan can be found fulfilling the role of an avid cat dad and dreaming about his next great adventure in the mountains.

Tristen AE-15.jpg

Tristen Polensky


From adventuring in the Black Hills to riding horses, traveling, and practicing yoga, Tristen has many passions; but photography is the first and foremost. She began photographing the many furry creatures on her family’s farm near Dickinson, North Dakota, and is now studying the art at Black Hills State University in Spearfish, South Dakota. She is always ready for a new challenge and loves capturing the beautiful and inspiring life around her.

Andrew JK-12.jpg

Andrew Leines

Video Editor

Based in Spokane, WA, Andy is happy to be a part of the video team as an editor. His lifelong love of movies led him to obtain a film production degree from MSUM in Moorhead, Minnesota, where he shaped his passion for video editing. Andy specializes in coordinating the many details that make up a video to bring forth the personality of his clients. He loves spending his free time hiking, biking, camping, and watching Star Wars movies with his girlfriend and cat.

Steve HS CPi-5.jpg

Steven Warkel


Steven fell in love with filmmaking and video production in high school. After taking several classes in the field, he was hooked. Either watching movies with friends or trying to make films of their own. In 2016 Steven transferred to MSUM to pursue an education in film production, in the process, making many narrative short films as well as non-fiction videos. After graduating in 2018, he began work at Fargo’s local news station of WDAY. Shooting and editing several stories a day, learning what stories are important to tell, and how to go about telling them. With a creative drive to tell stories and capture moments, Steven is always eager to put in the work behind the scenes to make sure the job gets done.

Luke Graner KF-15.jpg

Luke Graner

Designer and Website Developer

Weaving web design and development, graphic design, and music (teaching, drumming, and performance) into his busy family life, Luke is a fun-loving creative with the energy to do it all. He and wife, Jacey, along with their four sons, love the outdoors, live music, creative kitchens, and new experiences.