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Let's chat



call or text 701-250-2190


We can customize a Wedding Collection to fit your needs, but our most popular Wedding Collection includes the following:

We provide complete wedding day coverage for up to 9 hours. This can be flexible and more can be added on.

2 photographers will be there to capture everything throughout the day. Having 2 photographers also provides tons of variety and ensures all of your moments are captured!

We do a Creative Consultation before your wedding to plan your wedding day photography, schedule, locations, and other details.

All editing is included. We take many photos, narrow them down, and hand-edit every one.

After editing, you receive the images on a password protected online gallery for viewing your photos, playing a slideshow, downloading the digital files to your computer, and ordering products through our professional lab. The online gallery is also a great way to share your photos with family and friends!

We also transfer all of your images to a custom USB drive inside a custom box. We print one of your wedding photos on the USB drive and one on the cover of the box. It's such a great keepsake and a nice backup of the images. We also backup everything on and off site. Also included in the box are five prints! These images are chosen by the photographer and are his or her favorites. If you want to print more, you can do so from your online gallery or by setting up a product consultation. See an example of our packaging here!

So you can print your images, post on social media, and use your images how ever you'd like, we provide a copyright release. We also offer a variety of affordable prints and products as well as graphic design and printing for holiday cards, save the date cards, wedding invitations, programs, thank you cards, and more! Contact us for more info and to set up a product consultation.

A 1 hour Engagement Session is also included for free! This is a $380 value. One hour is a great amount of time for a couple of outfits and a couple of locations. Just like the Wedding Collection, all editing, an online gallery, and a copyright release is included.


Our most popular Wedding Collection is $3475.

We can alternatively create a custom package to fit your needs and budget if you are looking for more or less. Popular alternatives include 12 hours of coverage for $4195, 10 hours for $3715, or 6 hours of coverage for $2340. Everything else from our standard Wedding Collection would still be included! Many couples also add an album credit (see the bottom of the page for more info)!

Eloping? For around 2 to 3 hours of photography, elopements range from $900 to $1800 or more, depending on date and location.

Want video? Scroll down for more info! Book photography and video together for $5925. This includes a $200 package discount!

We have photographers and videographers in Bismarck, Fargo, Minot, and Dickinson ND, Rapid City SD, Minneapolis and St Paul MN, as well as Colorado Springs CO. There are no travel costs for portrait sessions (including engagements) and commercial shoots in the cities we have photographers and videographers.

Meet the photographers and videographers on our Team page HERE!

And there are no travel costs for weddings in North Dakota, Minnesota, Colorado, South Dakota, New Mexico, Iowa, Wisconsin, Nebraska, Wyoming, and Montana! We also travel regionally, nationally, and internationally.


Extra coverage beyond 9 hours is priced at $120 per 30 minutes.

We have many options for payment. You can do 1/3 down, 1/2 down, 100% down with a 5% upfront payment discount (this would bring our $3475 Wedding Collection down to $3300 upfront), or we have 0% interest monthly payment plans available. Our payment plans are tailored to fit your needs but, for example, 12 monthly payments on our $3475 Wedding Collection would be around $289 per month.

We've been recognized on

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Let's Do A Video Too!

Our Wedding Videos are $2650 and include 9 hours of coverage, a fully edited highlight video, and a private link for viewing and downloading. Parts of your wedding day in their entirety, such as the ceremony or reception speeches, can be provided separately from the highlight video. Extra coverage beyond 9 hours is priced at $120 per 30 minutes.

Book photography and video together for $5925. This includes a $200 package discount!

Engagement Videos start at $380 for a 1 hour video session, your fully edited video, and a private link for viewing and downloading.

USB drives are available upon request. Glasser Images branded USB drives are complementary. Custom printed USB drives and boxes are $100 each. Glasser Images also offers commercial video services.

See more videos on our Vimeo page!

Et Cetera


Wedding Websites

A Wedding Website is the perfect way to showcase your engagement photos, your story, details for your wedding, travel accommodations for your guests, your registry, and allow guests to easily RSVP online! Visit to experience our sample site.

A Wedding Websites is $199 and includes 1 site design, up to 4 pages (home, when/where, registry, RSVP webform), up to 12 photos used, a custom domain, and domain name and site hosting for one year. Contact us for more info or to have us start building your site!


Weddings Albums

An album is a great way to showcase your wedding! With a custom design and photo layout, up to 100 pages, photographic and press papers, thick or thin page options, and multiple cover options all included in the price, the process is simple. Also, choose from a variety of sizes and optional upgrades.

The best way to do album is to purchase our $650 album credit for only $500 (a savings of $150!) at the time of booking or anytime before your wedding. A typical album is between $600 and $700 so the credit will give you the perfect amount to work with when choosing all of your options. We would be in touch after your wedding photos are completed to schedule an Album Consultation. Multiple credits can be purchased if interested in companion albums for parents and/or other family. Just let us know and we can add an album credit into your package!



A Boudoir Session is the perfect gift for your groom! It's also a great gift for yourself! Show off your beauty and give yourself an esteem boost with photographs that you can treasure.

A 1 hour session is $380 and a 2 hour session is $680. In addition to your session, all editing, a USB, a private online gallery for viewing and downloading your images, as well as a copyright release is included. We can also schedule a product consultation for after your session to help find the perfect book or photo product from our professional lab to showcase your images and give to your groom! Contact us for more info, to discuss details, and to schedule your session!